Our Cookies Policy

1.1 This is the Privacy Notice of the relevant company in contract or otherwise engaged with you (“we”, “us” or “our”), as listed in the annual report: https://jackpestlondon.com .

This Notice sets out how we collect and process your personal data and also provides certain information that is legally required and lists your rights in relation to your personal data.

1.2 This Privacy Notice relates to personal information that identifies “you” where you are a customer or potential customer, an individual who browses our website or an individual outside our organisation with whom we interact. If you are a shareholder, an employee, supplier or otherwise engaged in work for us or applying to work for us, a separate privacy notice or data processing agreement applies to you instead.

1.3 We refer to this information throughout this Privacy Notice as “personal data” and section 3 sets out further detail of what this includes.

1.4 Please read this Privacy Notice to understand how we may use your personal data.

1.5 This Privacy Notice may vary from time to time so please check it regularly.

2.1 Data controller and contact details

2.1.1 For the purposes of relevant data protection legislation, we are a controller of your personal data and as a controller we use the personal data we hold about you in accordance with this Privacy Notice. See section 11 for further details about the data protection legislation that may apply to you.

2.1.2 If you need to contact us in connection with our processing of your personal data, you can contact us in the following ways:

(a) via your local customer services centre or account manager, details of which you will find on your contract with us or on our website; or

(b) via your Local Privacy officer at:

  1. c) you can contact the Data Protection Officer directly using the details at paragraph 2.2 of this notice.

2.2 Data Protection Officer

You can contact our Data Protection Officer:

(a) by email at:


3.1 Personal data is any data which enables us to identify you, either directly or indirectly, such as your name, address, telephone number, email address or the IP address of your computer.

3.2 The categories and types of personal data about you that we may collect are:

3.2.1 when you make an enquiry with us, visit our premises or visit our website:

(a) personal data, such as your name, address and telephone number, you provide or that is recorded when you write to us, visit us, email or call us;

(b) personal data that you enter via our website or portal such as MyRentokil or MyInitial, including the contact details you supply when establishing a profile on our website;

(c) personal data gathered using cookies; see here for more information on what information we collect and how we use cookies:


(d) details of your visits to our website including but not limited to traffic data, location data, weblogs and other communication data; and

(e) CCTV or other equivalent technology may capture images of you and/or your vehicle when visiting our premises.

3.2.2 in relation to the services we provide:

(a) personal data that you provide in the course of instructing us to carry out the services requested from us, such as your name, address, telephone number and email details;

(b) personal data that, in the case of a business relationship, your employer provides about you in the course of instructing us to carry out the services requested from us, such as your name and contact details as a representative of the business;

(c) personal data, such as your name and financial position, from credit reference agencies;

(d) personal data from tracing agents in the event you fail to pay any invoice by the due date and we are unable to locate you using the contact details you have provided us with;

(e) personal data in the form of images or video footage that is taken at one of our locations or at your location if required for us to effectively carry out or assess and report on the services you have requested from us;

(f) personal data you provide if you complete customer care surveys from us.

3.2.3 in order to develop, personalise or promote our products and services:

(a) personal data obtained directly from you, such as your name and contact details and preferences relating to particular services and / or products;

(b) personal data, such as contact details, your interests and preferences and professional activity obtained from public or social media sources, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter;

(c) personal data gathered from data brokers who have sought your consent to share your personal data with us for the purposes of direct marketing, such as your name, postal and / or email address and professional activity;

(d) personal data you provide such as your name and email address, if you enter into a competition, promotion or prize draw;

(e) personal data gathered using cookies; see here for more information on what information we collect and how we use cookies:

(f)  details of your visits to our websites including but not limited to traffic data, location data, weblogs and other communication data.

3.3 We may also create personal data about you if you, for example, contact us by telephone to make a complaint about our services or goods, then we may record key details of the conversation so that we can take steps to address the complaint.  This may include obtaining data concerning health.  Data concerning health is considered a “Special Category of Data” and this Privacy Notice specifically sets out how we may process these types of personal data at paragraph

4.1.2. We would like to use your personal data for a variety of different purposes. For some of these purposes it may be appropriate for us to obtain your prior consent. These circumstances are as follows:

(a) where, in the handling of a complaint, we collect Special Categories of Data relating to health;

(b) where we may process a child’s personal data, we will ask for evidence of the consent;

(c) where we would like to use photos or images taken of you in promotional materials;

(d) where we or our carefully selected third parties have new products and services which we think you will be interested in.

(e) where we sell your personal data to a third party or derive a ‘financial benefit’.

4.2.2 The legal basis of consent is only used by us in relation to processing that is entirely voluntary – it is not used for processing that is necessary or obligatory in any way.

4.2.3 You may at any time withdraw the specific consent you give to process your personal data where we are relying on your consent. Please contact us using the contact details set out in section 2.  Please note even if you withdraw consent for us to use your personal data for a particular purpose we may continue to rely on other bases to process your personal data for other purposes.  We will tell you if this is the case.

5.1 We may disclose your personal data to:

5.1.1 our group companies and affiliates who may process data on our behalf to enable us to carry out or improve our usual business practices. Any such disclosure will only be so that we can process your personal data for the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice;

5.1.2 third party data processors to enable us to carry out or improve our usual business practices. You can find out more details about the third party processors we use in section 12. We have contracts in place with our data processors, which means that they cannot do anything with your personal information unless we have instructed them to do it and they must hold your data securely and retain it only for the period we instruct.  Occasionally a third party data processor will still need your permission to process your personal data, such as certain types of third party cookies. See our Cookie Policy for more details.

5.1.3 legal and regulatory authorities who request your personal data or to report any potential or actual breach of applicable law or regulation;

5.1.4 external professional advisers such as accountants, auditors and lawyers, provided that they are under duties of confidentiality;

5.1.5 law enforcement agencies, courts or other relevant party, to the extent necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal rights;

5.1.6 third parties where necessary for the purposes of prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offences or the execution of criminal penalties;

5.1.7 third parties which are considering or have decided to buy some or all of our assets or shares (including in the event of a reorganisation, dissolution or liquidation); and

5.1.8 third party data controllers operating plugins or content (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Demandbase) on our website or providing services which you choose to interact with (such as learning solutions by Fuse Universal Limited). In relation to these products and services you should familiarise yourself with the Privacy Notice of the relevant data controller for information about the scope of their data processing and implementation of your rights.

6.1 It is possible that personal data we collect from you may be transferred, stored and/or processed outside the country of origin such as those within the European Economic Area.

6.2 In connection with international transfers we ensure we apply the safeguards required by the country of origin such as:

6.2.1 using EU standard data protection contractual clauses between us and them; and/or

6.2.2 ensuring the recipient country has been deemed adequate for transfers by the applicable country of origin such as via a country ‘adequacy decision’ from the European Commission.

7.1 We will store your personal data for the time period which is appropriate in accordance with our data retention policy and using appropriate security measures. Please see section 13 to find our data retention periods that apply to you. The length of time set out in our retention policy is determined by one or more of the following criteria:

7.1.1 we are required to retain your personal data in order to comply with any legal requirements, such as under trade law, tax law or competition law;

7.1.2 where retention of your personal data is necessary to facilitate and support the original purpose for processing your personal data;

7.1.3 protection against any potential claims arising from the original purpose of processing; or

7.1.4 where we rely upon your consent to process your personal data and you continue to consent to the processing.

7.2 If you would like details about how long we hold your data, please contact us using the contact details set out in section 2.

7.3 We keep the length of time that we hold your personal data for under review. These reviews take place annually.

7.4 We endeavour to take technical and organisational security measures to protect your personal data against unintentional or unlawful deletion, alteration or loss, and against unauthorised disclosure or unauthorised access. Our employees are accordingly committed to secrecy and privacy.

7.5 Please note that data protection and security safeguards are not always observed by other persons or organisations outside our area of responsibility. We have no technical influence on this. You are advised to always be vigilant and take the necessary measures to safeguard your own personal data where we have no influence.

8.1 In certain circumstances the provision of personal data by you is a requirement:

8.1.1 to comply with the law or a contract; or

8.1.2 necessary to enter into a contract.

8.2 It is your choice as to whether you provide us with your personal data necessary to enter into a contract or as part of a contractual requirement. If however you do not provide your personal data then we may be unable to perform all or some of the services you expect under our contract with you. An example of this would be where we are unable to provide you with certain products or services as we do not have your full details, or where we cannot perform our contract with you because we rely on the personal data you provide in order to do so. Please see our terms and conditions for further details.